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To work at Cedar you will need:

  • A responsible attitude - you are caring for the children of others

  • An ability to relate well to others - you will be living, working and eating with others for 8 weeks

  • A willingness to work hard

  • To have completed at least one year of college

  • Outstanding recommendations from employers, teachers, coaches, or adults other than relatives and college friends

  • Evidence of having the ability to affect the lives of young people in a positive manner

The job of camp counselor is very rewarding, however it is not always an easy job and we would like to highlight some common misconception.

Camp Quotes
Camp Quotes

Not so. The directors, parents, and campers have high expectations of all our staff members. For camp to function well everyone has to work hard.

Many people have a knack for getting along well with kids but it is nearly impossible to go through the summer without some difficulties. You'll get along well if you treat others with respect, are even-tempered, have a sense of humor, sincerely like working with others and are willing to give of yourself unselfishly.

In return for all your hard work and effort, you will be rewarded in addition to your salary with:

  • Excellent living and working conditions

  • An opportunity to meet people from a variety of backgrounds and to make new friends

  • An opportunity to develop leadership skills

  • A summer spent in a healthy setting

  • A wide variety of experiences, and rewards derived from participating in the growth of others while learning about yourself

  • Possible college credit

  • The chance to have a great time

Please take the time to fill out the application as fully as possible. We need the information for the three references requested at the end of the application in order to proceed with the interview process. We will contact you once we have received your application and reference information. In the interim, please do not hesitate to email us at jobs@campcedar.com if you have any questions.