While Cedar has some new faces on staff every summer, many are familiar faces from years before. Our core staff is made up of veterans —mature, professional educators, coaches, and teachers. Following are short profiles of some of the key members of the Cedar team.

Gill Stansfield- Camp Head Chef

Gill Stansfield – Head Chef

Gill is in charge of everything that comes out of our very busy kitchen. He is a popular figure at camp and his food is known to be nutritious, healthy and delicious. In the off season, Gill is a Department Chair at Johnson and Wales Culinary University. Gill has received a number of awards, including the Escoffier Award in recognition of his leadership and contributions to the college. He was inducted into the Academie Culinaire De France and he coached the Student Culinary Olympic Team which garnered a bronze medal at the Culinary Olympics in Germany. He brings a number of his students to work in the Cedar kitchen each summer and they contribute to making the Cedar food so outstanding. Gill is married to his amazing wife Candace (CJ), and they have three terrific boys who are with us at camp.

Kevin Mahaffey - Camp Manager

Kevin Mahaffey – Camp Manager

Kevin has been a close member of the Cedar family for over 25 years. Kevin first came to camp as a soccer counselor and over the years has worked as Special Events Director, Head Counselor and is now Camp Manager. Kevin works for camp full time during the summers and ½ time in the off season, when he also works as a consultant for a large hearing aid manufacturer. A licensed audiologist, Kevin is a technology expert in the field and a frequent speaker at professional meetings on the subject of advanced hearing aid technology. As Camp Manager, Kevin does a good deal of the camp hiring and human resources. He is very creative and has a big role in evening activities, special Sunday events and in the color war openings. He brings a great sense of humor, a patient style and a big heart to whatever he takes on. Kevin is married to Melissa and they have a son, Kieran, and daughter, Kiley.

Wakeso Peterson - Camp Cedar Athletic Director

Wakeso Peterson – Athletic Director

Wakeso, or “Kaso” is back for his 12th summer at Camp Cedar. Kaso oversees our activity departments and is responsible for organizing our intercamp and intracamp teams and tournaments. Kaso is an elementary and high school teacher in Toledo during the school year. He is also the high school volleyball and basketball coach and runs an afterschool program called Teen Outreach. Kaso was a tremendous athlete and played football for the Ohio State Buckeyes. He is a talented coach and mentor and has had great success with his high school teams and with his teams at Cedar. Kaso is married to his high school sweetheart, Tanesha, who is a middle school teacher and is also at camp. They have three children Akia, BJ and Jaali who all join us in Maine for the summer. 

VJ Gibbons

VJ Gibbons RN BScN Bed MS – Health & Safety Manager

VJ is the best. VJ has been with us for 17 years and he is the leading camp nurse in the country. VJ has been a strong advocate for the positive effects camp has on children. He is president of the Camp Nurses Association, he is the lead faculty for the New England Camp Nurse Workshop, now in their 12th year of training nurses and he is asked to speak every year at national and regional camp conferences. VJ runs a professional and caring health center at Camp Cedar. Along with 4 or 5 other nurses and a doctor on site, the Cedar health center is able to handle many difficult situations and provide the individual care and TLC that the campers may require. VJ has been a pediatric critical care nurse specializing in cardiac surgery and trauma care. He has volunteered his time with the American Red Cross to missions in El Salvador and Haiti. He also volunteered in the evacuation shelters in Atlanta following Hurricane Katrina and worked as a shelter manager in southern California during the wildfires. We are very fortunate to have VJ with us at Camp Cedar and he welcomes your questions or comments about the health services at Camp Cedar for your sons anytime.

Tremaine Skeen - Camp Cedar Program Director

Tremaine Skeen – Program Director

Tremaine started working at camp in 1997 and has been a tennis counselor, Athletic Director, Head Counselor and Program Director. As Program Director, Tremaine is responsible for the schedules of every camper (and every counselor), ensuring that the campers get a diverse program. Tremaine also helps with the oversite of the coaching on campus and has other camp-wide responsibilities. Tremaine will put you at ease with his dry sense of humor and his door is always open to the campers and staff for any special requests. Tremaine is a graduate of the University of Georgia where he holds a masters in Mathematics. In the off season, Tremaine is a math professor at Augusta State University where he lives wife his wife Yuliya, who he met at camp. Tremaine is an outstanding athlete and coach. He still plays competitive tennis and basketball and is an avid UGA college football fan.

Bob Thomas - Head Caretaker

Bob Thomas – Head Caretaker

Bob is one of the key fixtures at Camp Cedar. Bob has been with us for 31 years and knows the ins and outs of camp like no one else. He is able to fix anything, drive anything, move anything, solve any problem and make it look easy. Bob has been a consultant to many other camps through the years. He takes a lot of pride in his work and is a big reason that Camp Cedar looks so good. Bob’s sister, Lettie, has also worked with us for over 30 years. It is always hard to come home after the summer and not have a Bob to help us out around our homes!