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At Cedar, we offer a full program of activities ranging from individual and team sports such as basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey, lacrosse, tennis, volleyball, swimming, biking, sailing, water-skiing and golf to outdoor education and adventure programming including hiking, nature, trips, zip line and ropes course as well as a full slate of creative arts programming including ceramics, painting, woodworking and rocketry. The younger campers have a structured program that ensures their experience is as diverse as possible, while building in choice periods that ensure they get enough of their favorite sports. As the campers get older, they have more opportunity to choose areas they wish to focus on. The program includes instructional periods, practices and competitions as well as special events and weekly trips. Our program also incorporates time in the day to let kids enjoy just being kids with time to play – be it traditional camp games such as gaga, capture the flag and roofball or knockout, ping pong or a game they invent themselves.

For our older campers, the program includes an increased number of choice periods allowing a kid who’s really passionate about something to specialize in developing their skills in that particular area.